Benjamin Francis Leftwich – “Shine”

Remember how in some post a while back I said I liked the music of beardy flannel whispery folk singers? Look at this guy! He even added a hat, which I’m a fan of. I mentioned Benjamin Francis Leftwich in this post a while back, commenting on the trend of triple named folk singers, but haven’t actually posted a song by BFL yet. Thought I’d post “Shine” since the video came out super recently, so all of you lovely people can enjoy it.

I’ve been really into BFL lately, and I’d definitely check out “Pictures” and “Atlas Hands” if I were you, too. Actually, because I’m so nice, I’ll just post all three! BFL is basically the British version of James Vincent McMorrow (who’s Irish). He has the same kind of sweet voice as JVM, combining that with the mellowed simplicity of Bon Iver’s quieter tracks and the fragile vocals of Elliott Smith. How’s that for a combo? Probably too many. I’m sorry.

BFL’s album came out in the UK in July. No U.S. release yet, so like Florence and Mumford & Sons, our country will likely be about a year behind on new good music when the album does get a U.S. release.

Also a weird side note, BFL’s music has a weird nostalgic air to it. Great for contemplative walks or staring out of rain-soaked windows.


“Atlas Hands”


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