Jonsi – “Gathering Stories”

Reader(s), I have a confession to make. I have a huge writer crush on Cameron Crowe. I will also out Dres in saying he feels the same way, and say to him “haaa haaa I posted this first.” To many of you, this is nowhere close to a surprise. Almost Famous is far and away my favorite movie. Jerry Maguire is fantastic. What other movie in recent history has three separate quotes that ingrained themselves in pop culture like “show me the money,” “you had me at hello,” and “you complete me?” THOSE ARE FROM ONE MOVIE. Written by one person. Is your mind blown yet? No? Okay, let me blow it for you: I don’t hate Elizabethtown. Yep, that’s right. It’s Kirsten Dunst’s least annoying role, and I have a theory that if you replaced Orlando Bloom with literally anyone else (maybe not Brendan Fraser or Kevin James), it wouldn’t be bad at all. Preferably Adam Scott. Also, it has a great soundtrack. But enough about that (I could go on).

If there’s one thing no one can disagree with about Crowe, it’s the presence of music and his passion for it that shows through in all of his films, not to mention the fact that he used to write for Rolling Stone and has made more than a handful of rock documentaries. His new movie comes out this winter, and it’s called We Bought a Zoo. This is one of my “Na nana na na I don’t care what you say I’m plugging my ears and I’m excited” movies. It may look cheesy. WHATEVER.

Now, to the point. Jonsi, frontman of Sigur Ros, is scoring the film, and the soundtrack will include some reworkings of past songs as well as new ones. One of the new ones, streaming on NPR today, is called “Gathering Stories,” and was co-written by Crowe himself. Since it’s embedded in NPR’s player, I can’t directly stream it, but you can find it at the link below. Enjoy! It’s all happening!

“Gathering Stories” by Jonsi (co-written by Cameron Crowe) on NPR.

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