The Jezabels – “Easy to Love”

I’m a big, stupid idiot. Why? Because had I known that The Jezabels album had come out in 2011 and was as good as it is, I would have included it in my top albums of the year list. The Jezabels, led by Hayley Mary on vocals, is a four-piece band from Sydney, Australia. I know I’ve said before that the Scandinavians and Pacific Northwesterners have my heart when it comes to music, but boy, do I like the Aussies, too.

The Jezabels are great. I can’t think of any more adjectives. They’ve been around for a couple years now, but 2011 was their first full LP release with Prisoner, which got to #2 on the Aussie charts. Seriously, the Aussies know their stuff.

They’re on tour now and are hitting LA at the Troubadour in May, with supporting act and fellow loved-by-me artist, Benjamin Francis Leftwich. I already have tickets. Do you? If not, you’re making a big mistake. I’m posting three songs below because that’s just how much I want you to listen to them.

“Easy to Love”

“Endless Summer”

“Try Colour”

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