Lets Buy Happiness – “Dirty Lakes”

Indie band rule #458. Only one blond per band. (or a 4-1 ratio with any other hair color.)

Let me start by apologizing now. 95% of this was written on my phone. 

It would be an interesting exercise to see how many of the featured bands on this site come from the States versus the UK. It is also an exercise for the reader. For this writer is a bit spent at the moment.

The quintet Lets Buy Happiness (LBH) adds one more name to the UK list. (Newcastle) Sarah Hall twings and twangs her way across “Dirty Lakes.” Her vocal sound is often compared to that of an icelandic, or nordic sound and their songs a continual slow build. This is especially prevalent on “Devils Show” where Hall hauntingly sings “So then you laid those ghosts to rest. Did you know his eyes are green? I never knew. I want to keep you. I want to keep you.”

I agree with the above sentiment made by the music community but I would add an element of teasing in the analysis of LBH. In “Dirty Lakes” and “Fast Fast” the songs start in their respective rhythm and start to slowly build and I expected them to keep building and have a moment of musical catharsis or explosion, but it never quite gets there. It stays reserved in it’s world.  It’s disappointing but something I easily got over due to the overal catchiness and term I’m going to make up now “bob-ability.”

I’m making an assumption that their band name is based off the old saying that money can’t buy happiness. Apparently this band is going to put that old adage a test and perhaps they believe the same way that Drake does. Drake raps off Take Care “They say more money more problems, my nigga, don’t believe it./I mean, sure, there’s some bills and taxes I’m still evading/ But I blew six million on myself, and I feel amazing.”

That’s just awesome. I would like to think that if I had $6,000,000 and just spent it completely on myself and my friends I would also feel amazing and my happiness quotient would sky rocket.

Here’s a handful of Newcastle indie goodness.

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