Maps & Atlases – “Living Decorations”

Eccentric indie rock is up next on this fine Tuesday. Members of Maps & Atlases are based out of Chicago, but due to the varying hometowns of their members, they prefer the term “new regionalism” when talking about where they’re from.

Their new album is out April 16th or 17th depending on where your region lies, and in anticipation of that, here’s a track I really like from their 2010 album. It’s called “Living Decorations,” and it’s below. The vocals are really cool, and I’m in love with the percussion. I have a thing for percussion.

Check out Maps & Atlases at the Troubadour on June 8 at the Troubadour. Coincidentally, I was going to write that the sound of this band reminded me of Hands, who I posted about back in October (or Hands reminds me of them, if you’d prefer), and Hands are actually opening for them at that show.

“Living Decorations”

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