Five Word Review: Alabama Shakes Album, “Boys & Girls”

By now, if you read this website, and you don’t know that I love the Alabama Shakes, you are an idiot, and I’m not convinced you can actually read.

I can’t say enough about Brittany Howard’s voice. There just aren’t enough synonyms for incredible. Or powerful. It is an anomaly in a sea of the autotuned and off-tune.

Click the link below to listen to the album. I’d be more specific, but it doesn’t have a track listing in this form. Let me just say there’s a run at the end of “Be Mine” that’s incredible (29:20). Vaguely reminiscent of the powerful performance of Sam Cooke on Live From the Harlem Square Club. Which, in my mind, cannot be touched. But still, to be reminded of that while listening is a feat. The album officially releases April 10.

Five word review of Boys & Girls by Alabama Shakes: Just Plain Really Fucking Good.

Check out “Be Mine” here, in addition to the album’s link above.

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