Hands – “Magic Fingers”

I don’t have much to say about this band other than I like them. I saw them open for Pepper Rabbit earlier this year at the Bootleg theater in LA, which is really fun if you haven’t been. Basically a glorified empty warehouse with a bar cut out of one of the walls that serves you PBR (Hellooo, Silverlake).

Anyway, the lineup was: opener #1: Hands, who were super impressive, filled the space with sound and I immediately downloaded their EP when I got home. Opener #2: Chain Gang of 1974. I am honestly bewildered by the fact that people are really into this band. They were the worst. Maybe they sound different live (see: Dom)? I don’t know. Sucked. Then, of course, Pepper Rabbit, who were predictably good and adorable. The lead singer sucked an inhaler right before playing.

Back to Hands. I’m posting “Magic Fingers,” because that’s the song that sent me to download their EP, but you should also check out their Bandcamp for new stuff here. They just released a song this month. Enjoy.

“Magic Fingers”

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