Dan Croll – “From Nowhere”


Have you, like me, been wondering where all the summer songs are this summer? I’m not talking about whatever’s on Billboard right now. I’m talking about the explosion of “Pumped Up Kicks” last summer, or a new Vampire Weekend or Matt & Kim record (seriously guys, where are you). I’ve been listening to the Beach Boys for weeks now waiting for a new track to roll around.

Enter Dan Croll. Have you been reading my mind, Mr. Croll? Because you are CATCHY. 

Croll’s  been working with artists like Maps & Atlases and James Vincent McMorrow in the past, but this is his first non-demo, official release. He has this to say about his sound:

“Whatever is on around me makes it into my head. I always like to say it’s a balance between acoustic, folk and digital. I’m between two points. I don’t know what you’d call that, a genre that hasn’t got a name.”

“From Nowhere”

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