Ty Segall – “Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart”

What’s up, reader(s)? This lovely Friday we’re bringing you Ty Segall, a talented multi-instrumentalist who sings, plays guitar, and plays the drums. Impressed yet? No? Then let me keep going.

Segall got his start playing in underground bands in the San Francisco and Orange County areas before finally breaking off on his own in 2008. From there, he’s been releasing EPs and records and touring the countryside. Next stop? The Troubadour. More on that below.

Segall’s sound has been described as one that “gives you a kick in the pants,” which I agree with. He has a fuzzy overdrive quality you don’t get a lot in music these days anymore. The Black Keys bring it to a certain extent, and in their case and Segall’s, it’s the kind of music that makes me believe rock & roll is still alive.

Check out “Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart” below, and check out Segall on his tour. He’s playing a sold out show at the Troubadour tomorrow, which our own Swill Merchants will be covering, so if you didn’t get the chance to check him out there, make sure to check him out next time around. http://www.myspace.com/tysegall

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