Soffie Viemose – “Gift” & “You Want More”

Hanging upside down is part of my creative process.

Once it was Sweden’s turn, the UK is always strong but now both give way to… Denmark? It has indeed been the Danish that have been showing up strong on this years Swill Merchants. Rangelklods and now Soffie Viemose. But where Rangleklods envelopes you like a blanket and makes you want to dance, it’s Soffie Viemose who works her way into your blood stream. A musical trojan horse “Gift” and to a different extent “You Want More” takes control of your body making you pause for a moment and consider your surroundings.

Viemose represents the latest edition to a 2012 musical development for me. Moody, slow, female solo artists that work their soft but strong embrace around you.

She calls herself a “laptopper.” I love this term for yes it describes her creative process but I also would like to think it’s how I best enjoy her music. Alone, with headphones, in my own world and Soffie’s score guiding me from one door to the next.

Check out the simplest music video of the year below for “Gift.” Te video is the perfect accompaniment for the song. Simple, pretty, alluring and dark.


“You Want More”

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