Five Word Review: Ty Segall Live @ Troubadour

I’m playing catch up on a few posts about show reviews, and the first one is Ty Segall, whose Troubadour show I covered a few weeks back at the Troubadour.

You can read my show preview post here.

I posted a review a while back about Frank Turner’s LA show, and said it was the liveliest show I’ve seen in years. Ty may have given Frank a run for his money. I’m not sure whether it’s the fact that the majority of shows I go to are either flannel laden burning hearts or shoe gaze artists, or the fact that Ty has a brand of controlled chaos that reminds me vaguely of Cobain.

At one point it seemed as if Ty was challenging the crowd to match his level of energy. As if he was having more fun than they were, and the audience needed to catch up. They responded with moshing. Check out “Girlfriend” below.

Five Word Review of Ty Segall at the Troubadour: Chaotic Energy but Musically Sound.


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