Mutts – “Junior”

Behold... A picture of the band who this post is about.

Someone immediately pass me that bottle of whiskey. Hold the ice. Hell, hold the glass. Just the bottle will suffice. In the immortal words of my un-famous friend whom you have less than a 10% chance of knowing but trust me he’s awesome… we’re doin this.

Hailing from the same city as Superman, Mutts claimed the title of Chicago’s emerging artist of the year from the deli where they squeaked out a win over Driftless Pony Club. Rumor has it that when Mutts plays Chicago they can hear it all the way in Milwaukee.** Rumor also has it that they are closeted Brewers, Bucks and rabid Packer fans. ***

Though “Junior” came out in 2010 off their EP The Tells of Paralles it’s my favorite Mutts rock out. Pray For Rain their debut LP was released this past December and was the stocking suffer that you didn’t receive but wish you had.

If you’re afraid of angry fuzzy rock then most definitely don’t listen to the song below. If you find it a fantastic reprieve from the everyday pop, rap and quiet indie and you’re alone then crank the volume on that computer of yours, let Mutts soar and blow those temporary walls off your cubicle. (Fact: We have a large cubicle readership. Google analytics even knows that.)

Unfortunately they don’t drift westerly to our LA headquarters.  However, if you’re in NYC this Friday and/or Saturday (points to self) then maybe check them out. Their tour schedule is right here. 

Now click on the cloud below and reach for the pinot, tequila, gin whiskey. (I’ll also accept bourbon.)

** That is not a rumor.

*** Just a plain lie. But they should be.

One thought on “Mutts – “Junior”

  1. How can I pass you the whiskey bottle? You’re in New York.

    On second thought, let’s pick a night and drink whiskey out of bottles together from opposite coasts.

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