Florence + the Machine – “Shake It Out”

Dear Internet, Florence Welch just released another song off her upcoming sophomore album. I apologize for taking a few hours to post it, as I was too busy running around in circles and cheering while it played in the background.

The best thing about Florence is that she strives to make songs that blow the roof and blast the windows off venues. This song, “Shake It Out,” is no exception. Let’s just say I’m working on a playlist called “Window Blasters” and this song just rose to the top. I’ll post the playlist once it grows beyond this song and two Sleigh Bells songs. Florence’s sound is enormous, and her voice even more so. By the way, she just turned 25.

My advice is to take off your headphones, find some real speakers, crank it to 11, and keep the repeat button held down…Florence is back.

Ceremonials is out 11/1…hear “Shake It Out” below:

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