Summer Camp – “Better Off Without You”

Oh my God this keg is full of tequila!

It’s mid August. The sun is literally and figuratively going down on the summer of 1985 and you’re having a cookout on a beach. You’re summer fling approaches with his/her gaggle of annoying friends. You’re at ease because Daniel Son has just rid the world of the Cobra Kai so there is no worry of a beach beating. Your fling  just won’t accept you breaking it off with him/her. So what do you do? Break into song of course. Because life is a musical for this post. And the song you bust out is Summer Camp’s new single “Better Off Without You.” An excellent piece of hazy eighties nostalgia.

There are many things I’ve wanted to post in the last few days. In all actuality the list is as long as it’s ever been. If I didn’t have an actual job you can bet I would be updating this every thirty minutes, but having said that this song needed to be posted. Not because it needed the press to the 11 facebook followers we have (it’s all over the internet as is)  but simply because I really like it and that is plenty of reason for this quaint blog of ours.

Their debut album Welcome to Condale is what they call “a love letter to their days of being a teenager.” You can purchase your copy upon it’s September 13th release.

When asked about their upcoming 12 tack LP they stated “… when everything is So Important, and you’re transformed irrevocably by a miserable relationship with a spotty youth called Darren who works at Pizza Hut. We believe that you never really escape that time, for better or for worse. It’s the things you fall in love with then that will stay with you forever. Well, except Darren. Hopefully.”

If you’re an aspiring screenwriter I recommend choosing another career path. However, if that’s not for you and you just so happen to be writing a romantic comedy that is John Hughes inspired I give you the first two tracks of your writing soundtrack. In Soundcloud form of course.

“Better Off Without You”

Bonus track: “I Want You”

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