James Blake – “Not Long Now”

That woman in New York makes it look so easy.

Here at the Swill Merchants laboratory we’re not in the business of quote un-quote news. We simply post songs that we enjoy and think to ourselves, “hey, I wonder if our brilliant readers will enjoy this?” However, often times this is new music and you can’t get much newer than Kari did with her James Blake and Bon Iver collaboration a few weeks back. She posted that within 30 minutes of it playing on Radio 1 in Londontown.

And while this Blake post is a day after the fact it does not mean that Kari is better than me at anything besides being from the Pacific Northwest, short, and lazy.

Yesterday was a very, very, busy day with new tracks coming out. I still have two more posts after this one. But now we focus on Blake. His new EP Enough Thunder comes out Oct. 10th. Blake is very much himself on this track toying with lyrical and musical gaps and minimalist musical elements that are punctuated with electronic harmonies. Also, lasers. Plenty of laser sounds. As a heads up the track below is the radio-rip and it seems to cut off at the very end.

Enjoy in the cloud.

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