Florence + The Machine – “Shake It Out (The Weeknd Remix)”

Hold your hats, Internet. A music storm’s a-blowin’. Remember that Florence song I posted last week? Well, she recruited fellow Swill Merchants featured artist The Weeknd to do a remix of “Shake It Out,” which premiered five seconds ago on BBC 1.

“But Kari, you had to write this post. It can’t literally be five seconds ago, you shorter-than-average idiot.” Whoa there, aggressively specific reader. That’s because I pre-wrote this hours ago knowing how awesome a collaboration between these two artists would be, so that I could just drop the song in and serve it to you hot. Like pancakes. Or fire. Or pancakes on fire.

Enough talk. Listen and be amazed by the awesome.

Our Soundcloud got removed — check it out over at Disco Naivete.

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