Zella Day – “Compass”

“I was born in this field. I’m going to die in those mountains.” – Probably Not Zella Day


I feel pretty comfortable saying that Arizona is one of the worst states in the Union. Sure, they have a pretty sweet cliff that has a staring contest with another another pretty sweet cliff, but overall I’m happy with me and Arizona seeing one another from across the bar and pretending we didn’t.

That being said, Arizona’s Zella Day and I are on speaking terms and by that I mean I listen to her music. I nearly saw her 6 months ago at an event of musical proportions only to be struck down by such frivolous constraints as “time.” By this of course I mean I was late to the show. Now, I was supposed to make up for such Zella transgressions by attending tomorrow’s show at the Echo only to find out that alas I would not be able to make it.  But just because I can’t make it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go if you enjoy such auditory experiences like “Compass.”

If you’ve listened to the song or are currently listening to the song you may have thought to yourself that Miss Day’s voice reminds you of one Miss Del Rey. Her music while having a similar vintage or rustic appeal is definitely less languid, and sweeter. Is this confluence of pleasurable sounds possibly attributable to her Arizona upbringing?

I have no idea. It probably is though because you all know how the saying goes, you can take the talented singer songwriter out of Arizona but you can’t make Arizona worth visiting.

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