Grace Mitchell – “Broken Over You”


Hey, look! Look over here! I’m finally making a post!

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to what we all want to talk about: Portland, Oregon, and why it’s the best city in the US of A. Why? For starters, microbreweries, coffee houses, and Grace Mitchell.

Grace Mitchell is a sixteen-year-old girl from Portland — hang on, let’s stop there. This girl is 16! What were you doing at 16? I was driving my mom’s Volkswagon Beetle around town blasting emo pop punk like it was my job. Some people, like Grace Mitchell, were busy writing and producing awesome music. You may recognize her from a Hall & Oates cover that found its way onto The Secret Life of Walter Mitty‘s soundtrack, but if “Broken Over You” is your first foray into the musical stylings of the young Grace Mitchell, sit back and enjoy the ride. There’s bound to be more talent coming from here for quite a while.

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