Adrianne Lenker – “Indiana” + Album Stream

Off screen there’s an adorable jellyfish that’s washed ashore grasping for it’s last breath.

Her Facebook says she’s from Minneapolis, her soundcloud says she’s located in Boston, her bandcamp counteracts with a New York tag, according to her website most of her shows have been played in Texas and the song is “Indiana.” It’s Adrianne, her guitar and her words that pluck and glide their way up your wire, split at the fork in the road and flow from grated metal into your ears. Once there, the hard work’s done as it’s easy to fall in love.

That may be hyperbolic but I like how it sounded. A journey of music that sounds like it’s been through a journey itself.  “Indiana” is a song off Adrianne’s new album Hours Were The Birds. You can listen to “Indiana” and Hours Were The Birds Below. (And download the album here)

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