Favorite 25 Tracks of 2013

It’s a 2013 thing. You wouldn’t understand, Future.

Welcome to the third time rounding the bend on this site’s favorite tracks of the year. Though, like the past two years, it was not a collaboration. Rather, just one individual’s thoughts and opinions. If you asked the shortest Swill Merchants member if she agreed with this list entirely, she would say no. That being said, this 2013 version is a little different as this year it’s presented with no individual song commentary. That was all too much the last two years. Below the embedded Spotify playlist of the 25 songs  are some rather quick and very random thoughts about my favorite 25. Still south of that are some quick-hitting stats regarding the 25. I figured that info isn’t worth anything more than what you would like to assign it but found it fun nonetheless. Lastly, at the very bottom, are the tracks that were the hardest to leave off. 2013… *tips imaginary cap.*

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Favorite 25 Tracks of 2013

*  = Not available on Spotify and therefore not on the embedded playlist below. Soundcloud provided. 

25 – Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
“Hair to the Ferris Wheel”

“Lootin In London” 

23 – Laura Marling
“Where Can I Go?”

22 – Marika Hackman
“Bath is Black”

21 – Sylvan Esso
“Hey Mami”

20 – SOHN

*19 – Society
 “All That We’ve Become”

*18 – Ellery James Roberts
“Kerou’s Lament”

17 – London Grammar
“Wasting My Young Years”

16 – Wolf Alice

15 – Made In Heights
“All the Places”

14 – Daughter

13 – Lorde

*12 – Speedy Ortiz

11 – *Chance The Rapper
“Cocoa Butter Kisses”

10 – Nathaniel Rateliff
“Three Fingers in”

9 – Wet

8 – Torres

7 – Vampire Weekend
“Hannah Hunt”

6 – Daughter

5 – *Made In Heights

4 – Alice Boman

3 – Blood Relatives

2 – San Fermin

1 – Lucius
“Don’t Just Sit There”

Stats for what it’s worth:

– 17 of the 25 above songs are led by female vocalists.
– 2of the 25 are rap songs.
– 13 of the 25 are bands or artists from the States.
– 6 of the 25 are artists from the UK.
– 3 of the 25 above are solo female singer songwriters.
– 1 of the 25 of the above is a male singer songwriter.
– 7 of the 25 of the above I have seen live.
– 20 of the 25 above are songs off debut albums, EPs or released as singles without a EP or debut LP assigned to it. 
– 3 of the 25 songs are by artists that have previously released full length albums.

Curt Commentary:

– Lorde blew up so fast she wasn’t on any “ones to watch lists” in 2013 and is now on her own worldwide tour, topping the billboard charts and “Royals” has reached overplayed by the radio status. Incredible.
– Society’s “All That We’ve Become” technically came out at the end of 2012 but I didn’t hear it until very late 2013 or 2014 so I’m cheating and am okay with it.

Too good to not mention:

Savages – “She Will”
– HAIM – “The Wire”

– HAIM – “Honey & I”
– Money – “Bluebell Fields”
– Blood Relatives – “Dead Hip”
– Nathaniel Rateliff – “Still Trying”
– Vampire Weekend – “Diane Young”
– Bipolar Sunshine – “Rivers”
– Wardell – “Uptown Era”
– MS MR – “Salty Sweet”
– Josef Salvat – “Hustle”
– Air Review – “Young”
– Lucius – “Hey, Doreen”
– Chvrches – “We Sink”


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