JHAS – “Pain Au Chocolat”

JHAS screaming his own name?

JHAS is a Swedish producer who simply wanted to unload some tracks to clear off space on his computer so he could have room for a new project. If only we all had such great leftovers. “Pain Au Chocolat” is a classic french song (apparently) ripped up and laid back down over some hip-hop beats.  It’s stop and start, it’s herky-jerky and it’s all quite nice. 

There are two big things I don’t know about this song. One, I don’t know what is being said as I do not speak french. Two, I have no idea where to even try to classify the song or JHAS for that matter but in looking to the beatmaker himself perhaps he can pinpoint his own style, From boom-bap to super-ultra-wonk-leftfield-trap-house-synth-funk-soul shit. And everything in between.”… errr maybe not but may I recommend doing what I did and just putting “Pain Au Chocolat” in the really good pile. 

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