Coco and the Butterfields – “Warriors”

No mace? No one on horseback? Where’s the commitment?

At first glance at their picture I wasn’t sure if I should believe Coco and the Butterfields  were a band that won best new artist at Live and Unsigned last year or chalk it up to another group of LARPers trying to pass themselves off as a musical act to get written about.

All tremendously stretched attempts at working in a LARP reference aside, CATB are a five piece (guitar, double bass, violin, banjo and beat boxer) that have made their way from busking in Canterbury to playing large festivals where they organize busses for their fans to come sing and dance with them. Blending genres is what they do and what happens when you blend genres in music? You get to make up words that’s what!  Alas, in the case of CATB I will defer to the hoards of fans that have coined the term “Fip Fok” for the band which is a fusion of Folk, Pop and Hip Hop. 

Below is their single “Warriors” and it’s a rather jubilant 3:45 isn’t it? 

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