Lupa – “Infinite Color”- “Creature” – “Numb”


Stop me if you’ve heard this before. A talented teenage girl sat down, wrote some damn fine songs and people are starting to notice… While Lorde is, I don’t know, taking over the world one cool as hell feline Joe Cocker on quaaludes performance at a time, another teen, this time from Australia, is making music that has begun to turn heads.  Remember when you finally came to grips with Lorde being sixteen? Well, Lupa, born Imogen Jones, writes, records and produces all her own songs at only fifteen. You can go back to wondering what you’ve done with your life again.

Lupa, picked up the violin when she was six and has since been classically trained. As her influences she cites Daughter, Grimes, Radiohead and Alt-J. One of the folkier selections, “Infinite Color,” demonstrates nice vocal layering and song construction beyond her years. Then again, everything about her music is beyond her years. The video, which she directed and shot herself, is also below as an added reminder that she can do it all. With a little editing aid from her mom. Real talk, never forget mom. 

In addition to “Infinite Color” two other songs “The Creature” and “Numb” are below. Both tracks bring out the glitchy, technological side of Lupa. Yet, she skillfully balances them with her ever present violin to root the track in something that is at once contradictory and cohesive making it recognizably her own.  

Lupa (in case you were wondering can be a plain old regular she-wolf, specifically the one who nursed Romulus and Remus, or simply spanish for magnifying glass) has the talent to turn many, many more heads so whatever she does next, make sure you’re listening. 

If you want to download these tracks jump here to triple j. 

*Hat tip to Crack in the Road*


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