Saint Rich – “Officer”

Fiction: The lens flare was added in post. 

Delicate Steve is no stranger around here parts. And while his lyrical guitar had previously provided vocal content he has recently teamed up with touring rhythm guitarist Christian Peslak to create Saint Rich. Peslak’s vocals read as as laid back as he sings sarcastically aggrandizing a suburban police officer all over a rock song that feels like a slice of Americana. 

The formation of the band came due to a flood. Peslak came over for Delicate Steve practice and as if it was meant to be the skies opened up and water burst down flooding the suburban streets of New Jersey. The rest of the band couldn’t make it over and like a romantic comedy the two were left to themselves. Two men and some instruments is what this movie would be called and by the time the screen faded to black they would emerge into the sunlight with seven songs and call themselves, Saint Rich. All in a weekends work. 

Saint Rich’s debut, Beyond The Drone, comes out September 30th and if you’re around here in L.A. you can catch them at the Echoplex on the 28th. 

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