Panda Su – “Maps”

“This one goes out to all the Panda’s out there.”  – A potential quote from a Panda Su set. 

Panda Su is Portuguese and Scottish raised in the Highlands. Her music is a sort of electronic folk that while not minimalist doesn’t sweep, fly or scream out in bombast. If you consult her facebook page she categorizes it as “Folk-Pop/Bear-Rock.” I have included “Maps” in the title because in addition to being a good song it’s also her newest. If it’s her newest is it then the one that is most representative of the artist she is today? Not sure but all her other songs are a fantastic listen. From the darker and larger sounding “Facts and Figures” to the pluckier but melancholic “Alphabet Song.”  

Below are the songs from her soundcloud page but check out her website here for others. 

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