Boardwalk – “I’m To Blame”

“I don’t know how to tell you this.” – “Just, be honest with me.” – “Okay… there’s a rainbow on your shirt.” – “I love you.”

In thinking about it, but not for too long, this blog hasn’t covered many local artists. Not that we’ve been  ignoring them or don’t care for them, heck we like Goldroom as much as the next Angelino, it’s just a fact. For quite a while I’ve wanted to go through all our posts and produce a heat map of where the acts we post are from. My guess is the top three are London, New York and Sweden (or Canada). Yes I know I have two cities and then two countries.

Today, on this Monday, we buy local. Boardwalk is a duo comprised of Mike Edge, Amber Quintero and Mark Noseworthy. Originally formed last summer by Edge and Quintero Noseworthy came on to play guitar. As of now, the only track available, “I’m to Blame,” a hazy, fuzzy, sun kissed track that takes you by the hand and dances you into a languid state until it’s time to rest content. Once Quintero’s vocals are gone you’re left standing alone bobbing your head slowly starting down at your scuffed up sneaks as the track fades away.

If you’re looking for more hopefully you don’t have to wait long as Boardwalk’s debut album is expected sometime this year via Stones Throw Records.

So what do ya say LA, in the name of Mazzy Star, let’s make this a shoegaze, dream-pop summer and drift away with Boardwalk. 

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