Woodkid Should Score Your Next Movie

Actual police sketch of Woodkid.

And maybe direct it.

In a age where artists such as  M83, Daft Punk and Grizzly Bear are deftly chosen to score feature films one should look no further than Woodkid for their next project and, yes, perhaps even direct it.

Dating back further than plucking chart topping artists to score films is the practice of taking the best commercial and music video directors around and handing them reins of a feature film. Mark Romanek, Spike Jonze, Francis Lawrence and David Fincher to name a few have all made the transition and perhaps, no other music video director around today is more apt to take the jump than Yoann Lemoine, aka Woodkid . In addition to directing videos for Katy Perry (Teenage Dream), Taylor Swift (Back to December), Lana Del Rey (Born to Die), Drake (Take Care) and the Mystery Jets (Dreaming of Another World) Lemoine,  worked for french director Luc Besson’s crew on Arthur and the Invisibles and directed a series of roughs for Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. 

However, he selfishly saved his best work for himself.

Woodkid has videos for three songs, Iron, Run Boy Run (on last years favorite videos of the year) and I Love You and you know the visuals are spectacular when people aren’t paying enough attention to the music behind them. Woodkid mixes a full orchestra, multiple styles of drums, keys and many other instruments to create an opulent environment. The music envelopes you yet, the true measure of Woodkid’s musical success comes when you close your eyes.

The debut album from the Frenchman, The Golden Age, and it’s fourteen tracks, manages to bring you into his world of black and white, have you cheering for horned creatures of your imagination as they erupt from soil, take you underwater to swim with  blue whales and bring you to the aide of a young boy as he turns from wood to marble without the aide of twenty-four frames per-second.

Music has many effects on people, it can play into an already existing mood, put you into another, make you laugh or make you think. Tomorrow Woodkid plays his only remaining U.S. date of the summer at The Fonda in Los Angeles and would pointedly like his music to have one effect on you, he would like you to “Feel like heroes when you listen to [his] music.”

His newest music video, “I Love You”

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