Favorite 5 Music Videos of 2012


Welcome to the first wrap up post of 2012. While I work on my favorite twenty-five tracks of 2012 and Kari does whatever it is Kari does I thought I would toss up this guy. Below are my five favorite music videos of the year. Presented without an order. If you like, you can imagine them all tied for first place. Chances are you’ve seen many of them as some of them are wildly popular and popping up all over the place on these end of the year lists.

Just a few quick thoughts on the video fun below.

– Yes, Danny Brown’s, “Grown Up” may remind you Biggie’s, “Sky’s The Limit” but that’s okay because that video is also excellent. The key appears to be you must get a kid that commits because when little Danny is knocking shit over (40% of the video) it gets me every time.

– I think Haim’s “Forever” and MIA’s “Bad Girls” are actually quite similar. Loosely choreographed dance routines, people tricking in various modes of transportation, the band members riding around in some sort of vehicle in slow motion. They aren’t as dissimilar as you may at first believe. Of course Haim introduces the childhood video aesthetic which is a nice touch while MIA goes with LED lights, pyrotechnics and see through cars which is damn cool in it’s own right.

– There’s a good chance you’ve seen one of Woodkid’s black and white beauties but for my money  “Run Boy Run” is a notch above  “Iron.” However, that could be because “Run Boy Run” is simply the second act in a larger story that is set up by “Iron.” “Run Boy Run” picks up on the nearly exact same shot that “Iron” leaves off on and the sleeping child in “Iron” is seemingly the one one running in “Run Boy Run.” I very much like this story telling technique through multiple videos and it screams that perhaps the debut from Woodkid, The Golden Age, coming in March 2013 will be a concept album. There’s probably an interview out there that explains all this but I’m sick and not feeling well so googling that information at this time isn’t appealing. 

– Flight Facilities “Clair De Lune” is a little longer but it’s a fun idea that’s executed well. It’s expertly shot, and while I love the song, the video holds up it’s end of the bargin. Plus, that’s a pretty level swing at the 4:57 mark. I’d take her on my Sunday softball team.

Woodkid – “Run Boy Run”

Haim – “Forever”

MIA – “Bad Girls”

Danny Brown – “Grown Up”

Flight Facilities (f.Christine Hoberg) – “Clair De Lune”

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