New Songs for Old Friends – Luke Sital-Singh & Gambles

This is a picture of Luke Sital-Singh standing infront of water. He wears glasses. 

After a couple of past posts some friends asked me to keep them up to date on the developments of a couple of artists. Specifically Luke Sital-Singh and Gambles who both have a tune or two out since they were last covered here.  I suppose by me writing this that means we here of swill merchantry take requests and I suppose we do but please use this power responsibly as I’m telling you right now there is no chance whatsoever that we’re going to cover “Freebird,”

Also, this may be sacrilegious but I suppose I’m feeling devilish this morning– can’t we as a people get a new up to date “Freebird?” Can’t we get a 2013 version of that song to yell? I have no idea what it would be but would love to put it to a vote. I don’t know why but I think that sneaky undercard that could end up making the final four in this competition would be “Bitches Ain’t Shit” by Dr. Dre but yelling that in public may get you hit in the nuts. There’s better ones out there is all I’m saying.  Alas, this ramble seems like a series of posts for Grantland or one for here somewhere down the road.

First up, Luke Sital-Singh. “Bottled up Tight” came out about a month ago and will be featured on his new EP, Old Flint due out 4-15-13. That’s quite soon for all you people sans calendar. If you havent had a chance absolutely check out his 2012 EP Fail for You. Long story short the guy can flat out sing. Of coursed I missed him at SXSW but that’s mostly because I didn’t go to SXSW.

This picture indicates the Gambles section of the post.

As for Gambles, aka Matthew David Siskin, we have two new original songs from this New Yorker. “Far from Your Arms” as recent as 13 days ago and “Safe Side” about two months ago. I missed him when he played the Troubadour a couple of weeks back and that’s just a poor decision I made.  On his soundcloud page he posts the lyrics to both songs which is something I wish more artists would do.

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