MØ – Live at the Echo

Magical Powers stem from her earrings.Sneaker earrings?

Once upon a time (a couple of weeks ago) a young squire boy (just me) set forth to venture into the cursed and forbidden forest (the Echo) to do battle with (sit quietly in the back) the sinister sirens (hipster girls) and the baleful behemoths (bro’s) that go bump (dance) in the night.

Upon proving the validity of my valor at the forests mouth (showing a valid photo ID that proved I was over 21)  I was allowed entrance into it’s bowels. Following the advice of those who studied the forest, but without the spine to enter it, I rushed to pond of the Lionhearted to fill my canteen with it’s liquid rations (bought a beer) and scaled a tree for the safest daytime stay as I figured it wiser to be awake at night to best stave off eternal rest. (I took a nap beforehand so I wouldn’t get too sleepy staying up late)

A few restless hours later nightfall floated near, and the voice of a temptress echoed throughout (mø started to sing well). I was prepared for this development (I got tickets and made plans weeks in advance to see her perform) but my countless hours of training in the mystic arts (listening to her songs a lot) did not prepare me for the aural attack that was unleashed upon me (she started out with a few really good new songs I hadn’t heard yet).

As the voice grew louder my eyes started to deceive me (she had this cool projection in the background of images timed to the music). Almost as if I had imbibed too much (I was kinda drunk)  the creature multiplied coming at me from impossible angles (the projection had a bunch of split screens of mø singing).

I did battle the best I could (bobbed my head to the song in a trying to be cool nonchalant manner) and ultimately was able to fend off foreign beast (it was Mø’s first trip to LA. She’s from Denmark).

I have forever left a little a little part of myself (I forgot my credit card there) in that endless snarled maze of bark (still just the Echo) and I look forward to telling young squires, just like myself (my old college buddies) to go and see Mø live the next time her and her band play at a city near you… damnit I was doing so well too.

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