Josef Salvat – “Hustler”

“Oh, hey girl. I’m just standing here in the shadows. What be yo’ name?” – Josef Salvat

While I don’t have the minutes to wax poetic about Aussie, Josef Salvat I suggest you don’t take the time to wait and click play. Both “Hustler” and “This is Life” are let-the-song-play-while-you-read-these-words type of music. Or just skip all the letters and bang the white right pointing arrow encircled in orange and be done with it.  

Of course the global locale of Salvat’s upbringing will bring about the Gotye comparisons and they’re there but they’re absolutely different enough to not continue down that path. Lyrically, Salvat is beyond nearly all top 40 but with the pop sensibility of it to mask the often dark and twisted nature of his songs. For a moment in “Huslter” Salvat inhabits his ex-lovers body wherein she/he calls him a “harlot” and a “whore.” He replies confused, “The mind say no sir… But the body says please. The heart stays silent…Such a silent tease.”  Ultimately, he seems to end resolved on who he is in this moment in but not happy about it.  Honest in his inner searching, agreeing with reservations about the accusations that have come his way. 




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