Marika Hackman – “Bath is Black” + Full Album Stream

Marika Hackman
I feel if Marika Hackman was a actress she would be Britt Marling.

Stuck between not being an EP and not your typical LP length That Iron Taste resides in it’s own world and that’s just how I imagine Marika Hackman likes it. Familiar enough for you to be comfortable but new enough for you to double take exactly what you’re experiencing. Take “Retina Television” for example. The song is comprised completely of sounds that Hackman makes using her body and voice. 

Really the whole thing is loads of fun. Just a wonderful album. In producing the seven tracks Hackman worked with Charlie Andrew of Alt-J and Johnny Flynn. In the end every song on the album belongs to itself. All distinctly their own yet all within the unique world that is That Iron Taste. Still, it’s “Bath is Black”, one of only two songs off the previously released EP, Here I Lie, that I’ve decided to single out. If you’re on board with it and the slightly more produced direction the song takes from it’s previously acoustic version then you’re going to enjoy the ride. 

Hailing from the English countryside, and now residing in Brighton, Hackman embraces her country leanings saying, “… I think living in the countryside for most of my life has affected my writing as nature usually manages to creep its way into my songs…”  Not traditional folk music, and not typical singer-songwriter, Hackman sings, often layered many times over, with a weightlessness that manages to hover above while also wrapping you tight in a siren-like aura. 

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