Favorite 5 EPs of 2012


I’m not gonna get too detailed here because even though I listen to a ton of EPs over the course of a year, having a list of my top EPs somehow makes me want to swiftly punch myself before I start growing a handlebar mustache and saying YOLO ironically.

With that said, here are the 5 I thought were worth mentioning. If you want to check these out in Spotify, they’ll be added to the playlist of my top albums tomorrow. Check back for that list/link.

5. Frightened Rabbit – State Hospital
The Unfair Advantage Award goes to Frightened Rabbit, because I love them. I honestly have zero idea how these guys haven’t caught on to a larger audience; they’ve been doing what people like Mumford & Sons or Of Monsters and Men have been doing, but for longer, better and more Scottish (aka better). Scott Hutchison is a star on stage; his voice manages to be both just as good as it is in the studio as well as to elevate in sheer power and emotion (Glen Hansard also does this well). He deserves more, the band deserves more, but for now I’m happy that they’re somehow still a treasure.

4. Little Comets – Jennifer and Other Short Stories
I recently posted about Little Comets, so I don’t have much new to say about them. Their album didn’t make my top of the year list, but only just. This EP has a few different songs on it, so I thought I’d give them due credit here for capturing my attention with a cohesive yet eclectic group of songs. I posted “Bridge Burn” last time, so here’s “Violence Out Tonight” instead.

3. Dum Dum Girls – End of Daze
I have only one thing to say about this EP, and that’s that if I were in charge of the top songs of 2012 list, “Lord Knows” would be on it. Older post is here. Song is below. Enjoy.

2. Luke Sital-Singh – Fall for You
I feel like I’m getting repetitive at this point, but Dres wrote a post about Luke that was much more thoughtful and eloquent than anything I could write right now, so you should just check that out here.

1. Jake Bugg – Two Fingers
This is a young man I haven’t written about yet. And when I say young man, I mean this kid looks like Justin Bieber. Well, he looks like what Justin Bieber would look like if he was born in 60s Liverpool and his baby bottle was made of lit cigarettes. That’s not the first impression you get of Jake Bugg, however. The first impression is his voice. He’s like a young Bob Dylan who grew up listening to punk; the Arctic Monkeys covering British folk. He’s unique, he’s raw, and he’s catchy. Oh, and he was born in 1994. If I could’ve got a hold of his album, which dropped already in the UK but hasn’t yet hit the states, I’m sure it would’ve been included on my top of the year list.

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