Little Comets – “Bridge Burn”


Been a little while since I posted, and I’m not even posting something I found myself. While Dres found it, I’ve publicly and secretly been playing this song/EP on loop for days now. Ryan claims he sent this song to me months ago, but I DON’T BELIEVE HIM. You heard me. I don’t believe you.

Formed in 2009, this indie trio hails from England and play “kitchen sink music,” aka a varied breadth of songs that all fit within the indie mold while still sounding unique. This is proven on their latest EP, Jennifer and Other Short Stories, because I like all the songs but can’t quite fairly pick a favorite because each song brings a different mood, tone and style.

If you like “Bridge Burn,” check out the rest of the 4-song EP, which is bound to show up on my end of the year Best Of EPs list.

“Bridge Burn”

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