St. Lucia – “Before the Dive”


St. Lucia is a sovereign country in the Caribbean, and also a man named Jean-Philip Grobler. Despite looking like a relative of Glee’s Chris Colfer, Grobler grew up in South Africa and infuses his music with the same kind of wordly sound as his travels. Now based in Brooklyn, the man behind the island has been gaining some hype and touring, stopping by LA’s School Night at Bardot last week.

Like Chris Colfer, or at least his character, Grobler grew up participating in a choir, and his voice still shows it. Playing to a packed house at Bardot, the singer’s talent was not to be missed. If the place had a roof, he would’ve blown it off. Channeling tropical beats and the uptempo sounds of 80s Depeche Mode, Grobler’s music isn’t just good singing, it’s good fun. Let it hit the 0:44 to hear my point.

Check out “Before the Dive” below — the self-titled EP is out on Spotify.

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