Dan Deacon – “True Thrush”


Though I like the song you’re about to listen to below, this post is really just an excuse to re-introduce Dan Deacon and the embedded video to our lives, because it’s the greatest thing ever. Before that, though:

Dan Deacon is a composer, electronic musician and beard enthusiast* from Maryland. He’s released eight albums since the early 2000s, a lot of the time under many different labels, which from what I understand reflects the notion that this guy can’t be pinned down or tied down to one specific style, sound or image. His live shows consist of him playing on the floor, level with the audience, so he’s surrounded by people. Plain and simple, this guy does what he wants.

* I made that one up, though he does often sport a beard, large glasses and a beanie.

“True Thrush” is an homage to that belief, which, while it’s my belief and not necessarily his, I think the cacophony of energetic sounds in the song show that Deacon just loves making music his way. Below, find the song as well as the viral video that shot him into Internet fame, “Drinking Out of Cups.”

“True Thrush”

“Drinking Out of Cups”

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