5 Word Review: Passion Pit Album, “Gossamer”


In a recent feature story by Pitchfork, Passion Pit’s lead singer Michael Angelakos revealed a lot about himself, his music and his demons as he divulged battles with mental health issues. It was a great article and interview, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in the band/the man behind the band.

Within that article, Angelakos noted a comment he received from a stranger, who told him Gossamer, his latest release, was “actually great.” Angelakos smiled and thanked the man, and then thought to himself: “why does it have to be actually?”

Passion Pit’s second album provides the same poppy, upbeat, dreamy sound that Manners graced us all with in 2009. It’s a great production of electronic music, but moreso, an in-depth look at the troubled mind of a talented musician. Find the newly released video for “Constant Conversations” below.

5 Word Review of Passion Pit’s Gossamer:

“Actually great” without the “actually.”
Video: “Constant Conversations”

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