Workout – “Man of the Year”

Does this picture remind anyone else of 10 Things I Hate About You?

“New Yorks #1 party band.” That’s what it says on their website. It’s grand claim to make

“A hyperactive rock monster” is what what the New Yorker called them.

“A rock n roll beast machine” is what I called them right now but somehow I doubt that will make their website ‘about’ page.

All in all I think those quotes should garner a click from you on this Monday morning. You’re probably slow moving, upset and maybe a little anxiety ridden over what work was supposed to already be done. How about lose yourself in a Brooklyn based band that will take you back to a time excessive glitter, face paint and screaming guitar solos.

Here’s a question: When’s the last time the pages of this blog brought you a song featuring a guitar solo? I’m pretty sure the answer to that question is never. Well, the track “I Wanna Die With You” has two.

These BK rockers are reminiscent of David Bowie and/or Queen and chances are there’s a chance they are tired of being compared to them. These guys are perfect for a Monday morning ready to wake you up for the week. They are also perfect a Friday to get you pumped for the weekend which was their intended date of Swill appearance but sometimes a guy just has to go to the bank instead of post on his blog.

The song that got my attention was “I Wanna Die With You” and it’s opening raucous guitar solo. But it’s the track “Man of the Year” that I choose to focus on. Hidden beneath it’s danceable music are rather sad and dark lyrics. Kind of like all of your true emotions behind that plastered on that happy to be here smile most of us trot around the office with. Ahhh. Welcome to the grind all you college kids ready to graduate in a few weeks.




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