Passion Pit – “Take a Walk”

New Passion Pit is here for those of you who have been wondering where they went for the past 3 years. They’ve been recording a new album as a follow up to 2009’s Manners, and just released the first single today, called “Take a Walk.”

I was a big fan of Manners, and still am, though “Sleepyhead” may have a few more years to get back in my rotation due to the sheer amount of overplay, both by the radio and by myself. My finger was glued to the repeat button for a solid couple months.

The new single, in my opinion, isn’t mind-blowing, but rather serves as a catchy reminder that Passion Pit is still around. It’s a single, so I don’t take that as an indication of how the full album will be by any means, but as of right now it’s a great reminder of how good the last album was, and promise that new music is to come. And, above all, it’s pretty damn catchy.

“Take a Walk”

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