Father John Misty – “Only Son of the Ladiesman”

How I did not know this album was a thing is a mystery. I feel less stupid because after some Googling I found out that the album came out two days ago. But apparently, J. Tillman, drummer from Fleet Foxes, left Fleet Foxes to pursue a solo effort under the moniker Father John Misty.

a) AWESOME name.

b) I love Fleet Foxes, so my expectations are high.

c) I see the below video of him playing on Letterman, and this guy is arguably a better frontman than Robin Pecknold (of Fleet Foxes). Yes, Pecknold is lyrically amazing, but his lazy-awesome dance moves and camera stares are incredible. Sign me up.

He’s been releasing solo stuff for a while now under his name, J. Tillman, but this is the first effort under Father John Misty’s name.

He’s playing LA tomorrow night in the mammals exhibit of the Natural History Museum, which sounds so awesome I can hardly contain myself. Too bad I can’t go. That’s why you all should go… and thank me with presents.

“Only Son of a Ladies Man”

And as a treat, here’s another one, featuring Aubrey Plaza in the video. It’s a simple song but the haunting vocals work well with the lyrics in a way that has me pressing repeat.

“Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”

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