Electric Guest – “This Head I Hold”

Are you ready to dance? Good. This band is called Electric Guest, and they’re LA based and gaining a ton of momentum so you better check them out soon. They’re playing a residency at the Echo last night (sorry) and next Monday (yay!), so GO! After looking up video and pictures of these guys, Dres reminded me that we’ve actually seen them live before as an opener but weren’t paying attention, so let that be a lesson to all y’all. Pay attention to the openers.

The lead singer (above in black) may look all big and tough in that photo, but really he looks about 12 and dances really silly-like on stage. Also, his name is Asa Taccone. Why does that sound familiar? Because he brother is Jorma Taccone, 1/3 of Lonely Island and director of MacGruber, among other things.

He also directed the video for Asa’s song, “American Daydream,” which I’m including below, although the song I really want you to listen to is “ThisHead I Hold,” an awesomely catchy motown-inspired tune.

“This Head I Hold”

“American Daydream” Video

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