little hurricane – “Haunted Heart”

I’m back on top of posting, people. Let’s do this. Next up is a dirty blues/rock outfit from San Diego called little hurricane. They intentionally don’t capitalize the letters in the name, so I won’t either.

Drawing immediate comparisons to The White Stripes due to the boy/girl pairing of blues-infused rock, not to mention the girl drummer, Tone and C.C. have learned to deal with being put up against other acts. C.C. says, “I don’t just want to be a girl drummer. I don’t want to be Meg.” I can’t tell whether or not that’s a put down or just odd phrasing, but let’s be honest with ourselves: Meg was a fine drummer, but she’s nothing without Jack. Tone and C.C. seem more evenly paired.

Their 2011 album, Homewrecker, is a solid debut album. They took home Best Alternative Album and Album of the Year at the San Diego Music Awards, which, though local, at least proves that they’re getting some traction. The music is good. The vibe is good. They seem like they’d put on a good show. The only thing stopping this little hurricane are the comparisons. I suggest you check out “Haunted Heart” and make your own judgments.

“Haunted Heart”

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