The Chieftains feat. Bon Iver – “Down in the Willow Garden”

Do you like Bon Iver? Me too! Do you like good music? Me too! Are you stuck at home, bored out of your mind?? No? Well, I am. And yet, I’ve forgotten to post things. Apologies. Dres sent me this song but he has a big fancy job that doesn’t involve sitting in bed sick watching Homeland until I fall asleep… I mean, until… “one” falls asleep. Anyway, I’m gonna be the one posting it.

It appears the Chieftains have released an album of musical stylings featuring a number of artists such as The Civil Wars, The Decemberists and, you guessed it, Bon Iver!

That’s about all I have to say about this. It’s Bon Iver, so naturally, it’s delightful and haunting at the same time. Listen to it forever.

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