Alpine – “Hands”

As you may have noticed, our site has been a little lazy of recent. This is for three reasons: one, Dres got super busy at work. Two, Kari’s kidney exploded (false, but only almost). Three, Ryan got mono, but really it’s just that he’s a lazy asshole. Now that I’m recovering, I’d like to post a new song for you. However, I can’t look up too much about this band because a number of usual sites (see: Wikipedia) have blacked out in protest of SOPA/PIPA, which everyone should call their reps about and kill because it’s stupid. If you remotely like reading this blog, do something about SOPA and PIPA, because it would shut us down. End of rant.

This band is lovely. This song is, too. It has hand claps, which we’re big fans of over here, as well as some catchy guitars and catchy vocals. I’d like to listen to it in the summer while driving with the windows down. I think this band might be from Sweden? I don’t know. Don’t quote me. Anyway, check out “Hands,” below, and do some research on the Internet on your own time, when it isn’t blacked out. Check out their website for more!

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