Rangleklods – “Young & Dumb”

Bees create buzz around an album. Seems like cheating to me Esben.

It’s been too long for me. I feel like I’m returning home after a large blowup with my family and it’s been a few years. Nonetheless, I come bearing gifts. A peace offering called Rangleklods.

Rangleklods is Esben Andreson. Esben, meet The Swill Merchants. Swill Merchants, meet Esben. I’m glad we’re all getting off to such a cordial start.

Rangleklods calls Denmark home. Meanwhile the Swill calls L.A. home. Don’t we all just love the univeriality of music and the information highway known as the internet? Yes. Yes we do.

Lets go through the things his song “Young & Dumb” brings us. Catchiness? Check. Dancibility? Check. Solid vocals? Check. A new and interesting sound? Check. You see readers I had no choice but to post this. Even if this song checks in at over six minutes it keeps you listening the whole time. It’s well constructed like that. It oozes “cool” while still being accessible.

His EP Home is currently available. In the title track “Home” along with “Young & Dumb” you will notice a bit of a pattern. More a branding than achilles heel because he executes it well, but what I’m getting at is a sudden change in rhythm and music at an unexpected moment that comes  just past half way in the song.

Look for this cats new single due out Feb. 20th and his full length Beekeeper March 12.

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