Patrick Ellis – Another Day on Altair IV

Psh. Stupid beautiful sunset.

Today I bring you music that’s simple only in name, Patrick Ellis. If this was a journal or diary I would say it’s indicative of my mood. Cheery and relaxed. Then I would go on and on about emotions and feelings. However, seeing as those do not exist inside my person I will not.

I don’t know much about Mr. Ellis. A quick Google search leads to a MySpace page, a Soundcloud page, and a Bandcamp page all link-less to a website or a bio.

As much as I don’t care for a certain past lover of Natalie Portman’s use of animal noises in his songs I like how Ellis introduces “Another Day on Altair IV” with chirping birds. Then gently glides into an instrumental track that builds to a oddly soothing kazoo like sound. I have no idea what kind of synth he’s actually using but I would like to imagine kazoo is a preset. “Another Day on Altair IV” feels like waking up slowly and pleasantly. The kind of morning rise (insert joke here) where your alarm is not some repetitive repugnant siren but the gradual graciousness of the sun. Mmmmmm. I think I shall have a spot of tea now.

I have included his entire EP below.

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