The Loom – “For The Hooves That Gallop, And The Heels That March”

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If you are an impatient listener then this is not the song for you. I would recommend “For All My Friends in Spring, For All My Friends in Fall” but nonetheless I still highly recommend The Loom.

“For The Hooves That Gallop, And The Heels That March” which would be shortened to “FTHTGATHTM” if it wasn’t that it offers absolutely zero help, begins with a soft, plucky, and impending banjo. After some soft male-female harmony the song transitions from it’s soft folk focus into an angry rock eruption complete with shrieking guitars. The song moves back and forth between these stark opposites for the remainder of the song finally ending softly.

“Gallop” is the first single off the Nov. 1st released Teeth. When singer John Fanning asked about the song he replied:

“… it represents really well where we imagine ourselves to be as a band, both sonically and lyrically. We have a kind of dual love of things folky and quiet, as well as abrasive and dissonant (we also really love relentless and hypnotic percussion), and all of those things sort of exist in this song in various ways… if “Hooves” is trying to say anything, it’s really just trying to acknowledge that no matter how hard or wonderful things get (a contrast we try to represent by having both serene and abrasive moments in the song), there’s really no choice but to just keep going. And that often, the things that you initially experience as hardship can later reveal themselves to be the most illuminating and rewarding.”

It’s that thinking that is extremely evident across the whole album. Individually the album is eclectic but as a whole it’s completely unified. Something that seems obvious in conceit but in actuality is difficult to accomplish.

This Brooklyn bands big sound is made up of six members and instruments range from banjo to guitar, from french horn to trumpet, and at any give time two percussionists. They have reportedly blown the doors off smaller venues and clearly are ready for bigger things.

You can stream or buy the entire album here at their bandcamp.  It’s also completely on Spotify. Below is the cloud and video for “For The Hooves That Gallop, And The Hells That March.” I love long titles.

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