Herve – “Men Like You”

This has been a big year for indie boy/girl duos… Tennis, The Civil Wars, Mates of State, Summer Camp and She & Him to name a few. And now, we bring you Herve. I’m a huge fan of the boy/girl singing combos, always have been, and I’m also a huge fan of television. Guess what? Both members of Herve serve as regulars on network TV shows.

Miles Heizer, who plays Drew Braverman on NBC’s Parenthood, is no stranger to good music, since showrunner (and personal favorite TV writer) Jason Katims seems to stamp a “cool music” seal onto his shows. I wouldn’t be surprised if Herve got a track in an upcoming episode, and they should, because their brand of mellow but catchy indie is right up Parenthood‘s alley.

Allie Grant, the other member of the band, was on Weeds a couple years back and now stars on ABC’s freshman comedy Suburgatory, which I embarrassingly haven’t seen yet but hear is good (heard this of especially the recent Thanksgiving episode). Grant’s vocals actually remind me a bit of Mae Whitman’s, who’s been showcased on Parenthood before (forgive me, I know this show better). Maybe with that in mind, they can open up a storyline where Grant comes on as a long-lost Braverman and Herve can duet together! No? This is why people won’t pay me to write things.

Grant and Heizer’s styles work perfectly together to form a duo that gives off both an innocent newcomer vibe as well as the vibe of two people that genuinely love and know music well. The hand clapping and xylophones are a bonus. Despite being fans of both of these actors, I’m not posting because of that. I’m posting because I genuinely like this sound, and I’m hoping that Herve has more songs to come.

Catch them live on December 10th at the Hotel Cafe. Tickets here.

Unfortunately, they don’t have Soundcloud or Youtube links I can find yet, but here’s the link to their MySpace where you can find both “Men Like You” and “When the Sun Gives In.” Enjoy!

Listen to Herve on Myspace here.


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