Y LUV – “Keep It Rollin”

Wait. I don't get it...

Phew. We almost didn’t make it back there, but now it’s the end of the work week fellow music listeners. Sure there are hours left in the day but no matter what happens you can take solace in that your boss has 2 days to forget how badly you messed up.

To help guide you into your fun filled weekend I bring you Y LUV and their new single “Keep It Rollin.” Please ignore the bands pessimistic name because the answer to it seems obvious but rather focus on their upbeat indie-rock-pop that sounds ready for the radio waves right now thanks to similarly sounding Foster The People. Like FTP, and this here music blog, Y LUV is from Los Angeles, and in particular from a certain school whose  football team is under heavy NCAA sanctions. Whoops. Shouldn’t have paid your players so obviously.

If you like what you hear (Personally I’m ignoring all the times they sound similar to the Kings of Leon…) Y LUV is playing the Silverlake Lounge on Dec. 7th. For $8 you can show up at that location and watch them play music live.

You can download “Keep It Rollin” for free here at their bandcamp location. There you will also be able to locate free downloads of “Earthquakes” and their new EP How Chill Can You Let Go. If streaming is more your jam then you can find the EP on Spotify.

So if you haven’t already, hop on into the camp below and make your Friday awesome. Have fun readers.



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