The Sea and Cake – “Up on the North Shore”

Shortly after this picture was drawn poachers harvested this elephant for it's ivory tusks.

Often here we focus on new acts. Happenstance purveyors if you will. Often times it’s a debut album, a single, or an EP. It is rare that we focus on acts that have been around for nearly two decades. Yet, here we are, on a sun kissed Wednesday afternoon gliding across a MacBook taking up your time to bring you the The Sea and Cake and their lively song “Up on the North Shore.”

Stemming from Chicago’s 90’s indie rock scene The Sea and Cake released The Moonlight Butterfly earlier this year. On this bite sized 6 track album singer, Sam Prekop, continues to do what he’s always done; deliver languid vocals perfect for easing yourself into the morning with a cup of your favorite greet the day elixir.

Striking that similar feeling you get when you put on a Belle and Sebastian album and hear Stuart Murdoch’s vocals pipe in, it’s Prekop’s voice that reassures you of what you’re listening to even though their sound has morphed throughout the decades. “Up on the North Shore” is perhaps the most vintage track of Butterfly. It’s O.G. (original gangsta’ for my lingo challenged friends) for The Sea and Cake.

Next Tuesday, Dec. 6th, The Sea and Cake are playing the Troubadour, and while it may not be their favorite venue The Hideout, I’m pretty sure they will love it nonetheless. You can purchase tickets here.

The Sea and Cake are not the band that makes you stop what you’re doing and listen. Rather they are the band you want to carry around with you. A cinematic soundtrack to compliment your life as opposed to becoming it. They ease their way into your rotation and pretty soon you’re completely unaware that you were just listening to “Inn Keeping” and it’s 10:24 run time. But, you do know that you liked it, and want to listen again– have that moment again.

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